Commit d5ac5779 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(move-file-to-trash): Bind backup-directory-alist to nil before

uniquifying backup trash file name.
parent 7d96af1a
......@@ -5992,7 +5992,8 @@ Returns nil on success."
(and (file-exists-p new-fn)
;; make new-fn unique.
;; example: "~/.Trash/abc.txt" -> "~/.Trash/abc.txt.~1~"
(let ((version-control t))
(let ((version-control t)
(backup-directory-alist nil))
(setq new-fn (car (find-backup-file-name new-fn)))))
;; stop processing if fn is same or parent directory of trash-dir.
(and (string-match fn trash-dir)
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