Commit d5d5a617 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* image.c (DIM, HAVE_STDLIB_H_1): Remove unused macros.

parent ce0ad53d
2011-03-11 Paul Eggert <>
* image.c (clear_image_cache): Now static.
(DIM, HAVE_STDLIB_H_1): Remove unused macros.
2011-03-11 Paul Eggert <>
......@@ -550,10 +550,6 @@ x_create_bitmap_mask (struct frame *f, int id)
Image types
/* Value is the number of elements of vector VECTOR. */
#define DIM(VECTOR) (sizeof (VECTOR) / sizeof *(VECTOR))
/* List of supported image types. Use define_image_type to add new
types. Use lookup_image_type to find a type for a given symbol. */
......@@ -6032,7 +6028,6 @@ jpeg_image_p (Lisp_Object object)
/* Work around a warning about HAVE_STDLIB_H being redefined in
jconfig.h. */
#define HAVE_STDLIB_H_1
#endif /* HAVE_STLIB_H */
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