Commit d5eead69 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(lm-header-prefix): New variable.

(lm-comment-column): defvar moved.
(lm-history-header, lm-commentary-header):  New variables.
(lm-get-header-re, lm-get-package-name): New functions.
(lm-code-mark):	defun --> defsubst.
(lm-history-mark, lm-commentary-mark): New functions.
(lm-header): Now accepts RCS ident style headers.
(lm-summary): Now accepts unix `what' commands prefix @(#).
(lm-crack-address, lm-authors, lm-maintainer, lm-insert-at-column):
(lm-creation-date, lm-last-modified-date, lm-version):
(lm-keywords, lm-adapted-by): Comments made into doc strings.
(lm-commentary): Added more tolerant 'cond' case.
Now uses functions lm-commentary-mark, lm-... to get points.
(lm-verify): Made interactive. Added more check points in the last prog1.
(lm-synopsis): Made interactive.
parent 21a36d23
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