Commit d60ed3f3 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Another fix for MinGW64 and Cygwin builds due to notifications

* src/w32fns.c: Ifdef away tray notification code if D-Bus is
being compiled into Emacs.
(syms_of_w32fns) [WINDOWSNT && !HAVE_DBUS]: Don't defsubr
Sw32_notification_notify and Sw32_notification_close if the code
is not compiled.  Reported by Andy Moreton <>.
parent 805a39bc
......@@ -8756,7 +8756,7 @@ Internal use only. */)
return menubar_in_use ? Qt : Qnil;
#ifndef __CYGWIN__
#if defined WINDOWSNT && !defined HAVE_DBUS
Tray notifications
......@@ -9219,7 +9219,7 @@ DEFUN ("w32-notification-close",
return Qnil;
#endif /* !__CYGWIN__ */
#endif /* WINDOWSNT && !HAVE_DBUS */
......@@ -9635,8 +9635,10 @@ This variable has effect only on Windows Vista and later. */);
defsubr (&Sw32_window_exists_p);
defsubr (&Sw32_battery_status);
defsubr (&Sw32__menu_bar_in_use);
#if defined WINDOWSNT && !defined HAVE_DBUS
defsubr (&Sw32_notification_notify);
defsubr (&Sw32_notification_close);
defsubr (&Sfile_system_info);
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