Commit d656c20b authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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parent f19e949b
......@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@
(put 'log-edit 'custom-loads '("log-edit"))
(put 'message-forwarding 'custom-loads '("message"))
(put 'message-faces 'custom-loads '("message"))
(put 'environment 'custom-loads '("cus-edit" "dired" "faces" "dos-vars" "ruler-mode" "w32-vars"))
(put 'environment 'custom-loads '("cus-edit" "dired" "faces" "dos-vars" "w32-vars"))
(put 'ibuffer 'custom-loads '("ibuf-ext" "ibuffer"))
(put 'perl 'custom-loads '("perl-mode"))
(put 'vhdl-port 'custom-loads '("vhdl-mode"))
......@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@
(put 'comm 'custom-loads '("eudc-vars" "ldap" "net-utils"))
(put 'type-break 'custom-loads '("type-break"))
(put 'mh 'custom-loads '("mh-comp" "mh-e" "mh-utils"))
(put 'convenience 'custom-loads '("abbrev" "autoinsert" "autorevert" "bs" "calculator" "complete" "completion" "dabbrev" "ffap" "filecache" "filesets" "follow" "hippie-exp" "ibuffer" "ido" "imenu" "iswitchb" "kmacro" "repeat" "speedbar" "whitespace" "windmove" "cua-base" "pc-select"))
(put 'convenience 'custom-loads '("abbrev" "autoinsert" "autorevert" "bs" "calculator" "complete" "completion" "dabbrev" "ffap" "filecache" "filesets" "follow" "hippie-exp" "ibuffer" "ido" "imenu" "iswitchb" "kmacro" "repeat" "ruler-mode" "speedbar" "whitespace" "windmove" "cua-base" "pc-select"))
(put 'lm 'custom-loads '("landmark"))
(put 'ruler-mode 'custom-loads '("ruler-mode"))
(put 'idlwave-routine-info 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
......@@ -402,7 +402,7 @@
(put 'nil 'custom-loads '("button"))
(put 'pcmpl-cvs 'custom-loads '("pcmpl-cvs"))
(put 'eshell-mode 'custom-loads '("esh-mode"))
(put 'files 'custom-loads '("mule" "files" "autoinsert" "autorevert" "cus-edit" "filecache" "recentf" "shadow" "ange-ftp" "tramp"))
(put 'files 'custom-loads '("mule" "files" "autoinsert" "autorevert" "cus-edit" "dired" "filecache" "recentf" "shadow" "ange-ftp" "tramp"))
(put 'pcl-cvs 'custom-loads '("cvs-status" "log-edit" "log-view" "pcvs-defs" "pcvs-info" "pcvs-parse" "pcvs"))
(put 'rmail-files 'custom-loads '("rmail"))
(put 'gnus-summary-format 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum" "gnus"))
......@@ -567,13 +567,13 @@
"Highlight `shadowed' part of read-file-name input text"
(convenience minibuffer))
"display a buffer in rot13"
"display a ruler in the header line"
(environment convenience))
"set region using shift key"
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