Commit d673f871 authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani

* src/emacs-module.c: Add a few more restrictions for emacs-module.h

parent 096be9c4
......@@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ If you want to change the module API, please abide to the following
- emacs-module.h should only depend on standard C headers. In
particular, don't include config.h or lisp.h from emacs-module.h.
- The contents of emacs-module.h should be the same on all platforms
and architectures.
- emacs-module.h may not depend on Emacs configuration options.
- Prefix all names in emacs-module.h with "emacs_" or "EMACS_".
To add a new module function, proceed as follows:
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