Commit d6a277d0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(Info-goto-node): Remove declaration.

(idlwave-convert-xml-system-routine-info): Don't require xml.
(idlwave-show-commentary, idlwave-shell-show-commentary): Don't require finder.
(idlwave-info): Don't require info.  Use info rather than Info-goto-node.
parent a2e43f12
......@@ -177,7 +177,6 @@
(declare-function idlwave-shell-is-running "idlw-shell")
(declare-function widget-value "wid-edit" (widget))
(declare-function comint-dynamic-complete-filename "comint" ())
(declare-function Info-goto-node "info" (nodename &optional fork))
(defgroup idlwave nil
"Major mode for editing IDL .pro files."
......@@ -4906,7 +4905,6 @@ Cache to disk for quick recovery."
(error "No such XML routine info file: %s" catalog-file)
(if (not (file-readable-p catalog-file))
(error "Cannot read XML routine info file: %s" catalog-file)))
(require 'xml)
(message "Reading XML routine info...")
(setq rinfo (xml-parse-file catalog-file))
(message "Reading XML routine info...done")
......@@ -9291,20 +9289,17 @@ Assumes that point is at the beginning of the unit as found by
(defun idlwave-show-commentary ()
"Use the finder to view the file documentation from `idlwave.el'."
(require 'finder)
(finder-commentary "idlwave.el"))
(defun idlwave-shell-show-commentary ()
"Use the finder to view the file documentation from `idlw-shell.el'."
(require 'finder)
(finder-commentary "idlw-shell.el"))
(defun idlwave-info ()
"Read documentation for IDLWAVE in the info system."
(require 'info)
(Info-goto-node "(idlwave)"))
(info "idlwave"))
(defun idlwave-list-abbrevs (arg)
"Show the code abbreviations define in IDLWAVE mode.
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