Commit d6b75438 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Regenerated with fixed ChangeLogs.

parent 41a98391
......@@ -371,7 +371,6 @@ E. Jay Berkenbilt (changed) flyspell.el
E. Jay Berkenbilt (changed) ispell.el
E. Jay Berkenbilt (changed) window.h
Ed Reingold (changed) [more than 20 files]
Edward M. Reingold (changed) Holidays
Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-chinese.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-dst.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-hebrew.el
......@@ -379,16 +378,12 @@ Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-islamic.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-mayan.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-tex.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) cal-x.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) diary
Edward M. Reingold (changed) diary-ins.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) diary-insert.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) diary.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) holiday.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) integrated
Edward M. Reingold (changed) into
Edward M. Reingold (changed) list-holidays.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) tex-mode.el
Edward M. Reingold (changed) the
Edward M. Reingold (wrote) cal-china.el
Edward M. Reingold (wrote) cal-coptic.el
Edward M. Reingold (wrote) cal-french.el
......@@ -1017,6 +1012,7 @@ Kevin Blake (changed) font-lock.el
Kevin Blake (changed) ring.el
Kevin Broadey (wrote) foldout.el
Kevin Christian (changed) gnus-score.el
Kevin Gallagher (changed) edt-user.doc
Kevin Gallagher (wrote) edt-lk201.el
Kevin Gallagher (wrote) edt-mapper.el
Kevin Gallagher (wrote) edt-pc.el
......@@ -1398,31 +1394,14 @@ Mike Mcewan (changed) gnus-score.el
Mike Mcewan (changed) gnus-sum.el
Mike Mcewan (changed) gnus.texi
Mike Mcewan (changed) mml.el
Mike Newton (changed) --
Mike Newton (changed) 0.99c
Mike Newton (changed) better
Mike Newton (changed) bibtex
Mike Newton (changed) bibtex.el
Mike Newton (changed) by
Mike Newton (changed) conform
Mike Newton (changed) to
Mike Newton (changed) updated
Mike Newton (changed) with
Mike Rowan (changed) alloc.c
Mike Rowan (changed) and
Mike Rowan (changed) dispnew.c
Mike Rowan (changed) globally
Mike Rowan (changed) keyboard.c
Mike Rowan (changed) process.
Mike Rowan (changed) process.c
Mike Rowan (changed) replaced
Mike Rowan (changed) sysdep.c
Mike Rowan (changed) xdisp.c
Mike Williams (changed) Rewrite
Mike Williams (changed) secondary
Mike Williams (changed) selection.
Mike Williams (changed) support
Mike Williams (changed) to
Mike Williams (wrote) mouse-sel.el
Mike Williams (wrote) thingatpt.el
Mikio Nakajima (changed) viper-util.el
......@@ -1434,6 +1413,7 @@ Milan Zamazal (wrote) glasses.el
Milan Zamazal (wrote) tildify.el
Miles Bader (changed) [more than 20 files]
Miles Bader (wrote) image-file.el
Miles Bader (wrote) minibuf-eldef.el
Miyashita Hisashi (changed) ccl.c
Miyashita Hisashi (changed) charset.c
Miyashita Hisashi (changed) coding.c
......@@ -1855,9 +1835,7 @@ Stefan Monnier (wrote) smerge-mode.el
Stefan Schoef (wrote) bibtex.el
Stefan Waldherr (changed) nnweb.el
Steinar Bang (changed) nnweb.el
Stephen A. Wood (changed) 1.28.8
Stephen A. Wood (changed) fortran.el
Stephen A. Wood (changed) version
Stephen Eglen (changed) [more than 20 files]
Stephen Eglen (wrote) iswitchb.el
Stephen Eglen (wrote) mspools.el
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