Commit d6cae732 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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More improvements in 'struct glyph' comments.

parent bb709253
......@@ -321,14 +321,14 @@ struct glyph
the right edge of a row have their position set to the next
buffer position that is not shown on this row. Glyphs inserted
by redisplay, such as the empty space after the end of a line on
TTYs, have this set to -1. */
TTYs, or the overlay-arrow on a TTY, have this set to -1. */
ptrdiff_t charpos;
/* Lisp object source of this glyph. Currently either a buffer or a
string, if the glyph was produced from characters which came from
a buffer or a string; or 0 if the glyph was inserted by redisplay
for its own purposes such as padding or truncation/continuation
glyphs on TTYs. */
for its own purposes, such as padding or truncation/continuation
glyphs, or the overlay-arrow glyphs on TTYs. */
Lisp_Object object;
/* Width in pixels. */
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