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Added note about display refresh while dialogs and pop-up menus are

active on Windows.
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......@@ -299,7 +299,12 @@ developers.
Emacs 21.1 built for MS-Windows doesn't support images and the tool bar.
Support for these will be added in future versions.
Help text for pop-up menu items is not displayed at all.
Frames are not refreshed while the File or Font dialog or a pop-up menu
is displayed. This also means help text for pop-up menu items is not
displayed at all. This is because message handling under Windows is
synchronous, so we cannot handle repaint (or any other) messages while
waiting for a system function to return the result of the dialog or
pop-up menu interaction.
There are problems with display if mouse-tracking is enabled and the
mouse is moved off a frame, over another frame then back over the first
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