Commit d6ddc978 authored by Andrea Corallo's avatar Andrea Corallo
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* Do not try to load unexistent eln file if async compilation was skipped

	* lisp/emacs-lisp/comp.el (comp-run-async-workers): Don't try to
	load if the eln file was not produced.
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......@@ -3944,11 +3944,14 @@ display a message."
(comp-accept-and-process-async-output process)
(ignore-errors (delete-file temp-file))
(when (and load1
(zerop (process-exit-status process)))
(comp-el-to-eln-filename source-file1)
(eq load1 'late)))
(let ((eln-file (comp-el-to-eln-filename
(when (and load1
(zerop (process-exit-status
(file-exists-p eln-file))
(native-elisp-load eln-file
(eq load1 'late))))
:noquery (not comp-async-query-on-exit))))
(puthash source-file process comp-async-compilations))
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