Commit d70fd7d6 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* (DEFS): Remove this; we have configure build a

	config.h file directly, instead of having lots of -D flags.

	* (CFLAGS): Don't make this carry DEFS from the
	configure script; the coding standards say that CFLAGS should be
	left for the user to tweak.

	* (LN_S): New variable, edited by top Makefile.
	(SUBMAKEFILE): New variable, containing all flags to pass to
	recursive makes.
parent 663258f2
......@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ MAKE = make
# ==================== Things `configure' might edit ====================
LN_S=ln -s
# ============================= Targets ==============================
......@@ -19,12 +20,12 @@ CPP = $(CC) -E -Is -Im
# Just to avoid uncertainty.
SHELL = /bin/sh
all: doall
doall: xmakefile
$(MAKE) CC='${CC}' -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} all
$(MAKE) ${SUBMAKEFLAGS} -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} all
#This is used in making a distribution.
#Do not use it on development directories!
......@@ -44,13 +45,13 @@ emacs: doemacs
doemacs: xmakefile
$(MAKE) CC='${CC}' -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} emacs
$(MAKE) ${SUBMAKEFLAGS} -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} emacs
temacs: dotemacs
dotemacs: xmakefile
$(MAKE) CC='${CC}' -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} temacs
$(MAKE) ${SUBMAKEFLAGS} -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} temacs
SOURCES = *.[ch] [sm]/* COPYING ymakefile \ README COPYING ChangeLog vms.pp-trans
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