Commit d749b6fa authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(add_menu_item): If unicode_append_menu returns an

error, revert to using AppendMenu.
parent 6bcc3ca4
......@@ -2321,7 +2321,23 @@ add_menu_item (HMENU menu, widget_value *wv, HMENU item)
item != NULL ? (UINT) item
: (UINT) wv->call_data,
if (fuFlags & MF_OWNERDRAW)
if (!return_value)
/* On W9x/ME, unicode menus are not supported, though AppendMenuW
apparently does exist at least in some cases and appears to be
stubbed out to do nothing. out_string is UTF-8, but since
our standard menus are in English and this is only going to
happen the first time a menu is used, the encoding is
of minor importance compared with menus not working at all. */
return_value =
AppendMenu (menu, fuFlags,
item != NULL ? (UINT) item: (UINT) wv->call_data,
/* Don't use unicode menus in future. */
unicode_append_menu = NULL;
if (unicode_append_menu && (fuFlags & MF_OWNERDRAW))
local_free (out_string);
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