Commit d74fa98c authored by Lute Kamstra's avatar Lute Kamstra
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(calc-mode, calc-trail-mode): Use run-mode-hooks.

parent 5c5fb26b
......@@ -1131,7 +1131,7 @@ Notations: 3.14e6 3.14 * 10^6
(string-match "full" (nth 1 p))
(setq calc-standalone-flag t))
(setq p (cdr p))))
(run-hooks 'calc-mode-hook)
(run-mode-hooks 'calc-mode-hook)
(calc-refresh t)
......@@ -1181,7 +1181,7 @@ commands given here will actually operate on the *Calculator* stack."
(insert (propertize (concat "Emacs Calculator v" calc-version
" by Dave Gillespie\n")
'font-lock-face 'italic))))
(run-hooks 'calc-trail-mode-hook))
(run-mode-hooks 'calc-trail-mode-hook))
(defun calc-create-buffer ()
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create "*Calculator*"))
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