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2006-07-14 Kim F. Storm <>
* PROBLEMS: Emacs now requires ws2_32.dll on Windows.
2006-07-14 K,Aa(Broly L,Bu(Brentey <>
* HELLO: Update Hungarian sample.
2006-07-12 Michael Olson <>
* ERC-NEWS: Update for ERC 5.1.3.
2006-07-14 Kim F. Storm <>
* w32.c (pfn_WSACreateEvent, pfn_WSACloseEvent): New func ptrs.
(init_winsock): Load them. Use ws2_32.dll.
(sys_listen): Undo last change. Just set FILE_LISTEN flag.
(sys_accept): Undo last change. Instead, set child status to
STATUS_READ_ACKNOWLEDGED and reset char_avail event so next
sys_select will wakeup the reader thread.
(_sys_wait_accept): New function used by reader thread to wait for
an incoming connection on a server socket.
* w32.h (_sys_read_ahead, _sys_wait_accept): Add prototypes.
* w32proc.c (reader_thread): Use _sys_wait_accept to wait on a
server socket (FILE_LISTEN flag).
2006-07-14 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* sound.c (alsa_init): Call snd_pcm_close after successful snd_pcm_open.
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