Commit d75a4842 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(get_window_cursor_type): Use hollow cursor on

non-transparent images.
parent 1d7b95f5
......@@ -21248,14 +21248,16 @@ get_window_cursor_type (w, glyph, width, active_cursor)
if (cursor_type == FILLED_BOX_CURSOR)
/* Using a block cursor on large images can be very annoying.
So use a hollow cursor for "large" images. */
So use a hollow cursor for "large" images.
If image is not transparent (no mask), also use hollow cursor. */
struct image *img = IMAGE_FROM_ID (f, glyph->u.img_id);
if (img != NULL && IMAGEP (img->spec))
/* Arbitrarily, interpret "Large" as >32x32 and >NxN
where N = size of default frame font size.
This should cover most of the "tiny" icons people may use. */
if (img->width > max (32, WINDOW_FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (w))
if (!img->mask
|| img->width > max (32, WINDOW_FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (w))
|| img->height > max (32, WINDOW_FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT (w)))
cursor_type = HOLLOW_BOX_CURSOR;
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