Commit d76bfaa2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(compare-windows): Use compare-buffer-substrings.

parent e2f4b44c
......@@ -106,24 +106,21 @@ If `compare-ignore-case' is non-nil, changes in case are also ignored."
;; Try advancing comparing 1000 chars at a time.
;; When that fails, go 500 chars at a time, and so on.
(let ((size 1000)
(case-fold-search compare-ignore-case))
(while (> size 0)
(setq success-1 t)
;; Try comparing SIZE chars at a time, repeatedly, till that fails.
(while success-1
(setq size (min size (- maxp1 p1) (- maxp2 p2)))
(set-buffer b2)
(setq s2 (buffer-substring p2 (+ size p2))))
(setq success-1
(and (> size 0)
(if compare-ignore-case
(let ((case-fold-search t))
(search-forward s2 (+ p1 size) t)))
(equal (buffer-substring p1 (+ size p1)) s2))))
(= 0 (compare-buffer-substrings b2 p2 (+ size p2)
b1 p1 (+ size p1)))))
(if success-1
(setq p1 (+ p1 size) p2 (+ p2 size)
success t)))
;; If SIZE chars don't match, try fewer.
(setq size (/ size 2)))))
(goto-char p1)
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