Commit d7846e08 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(byte-compile-track-mouse): Undo previous change,

but use byte-compile-top-level-body.
parent fcb8a0c5
......@@ -2689,11 +2689,13 @@ If FORM is a lambda or a macro, byte-compile it as a function."
(byte-compile-out 'byte-unbind 1))
(defun byte-compile-track-mouse (form)
(let ((byte-compile-bound-variables byte-compile-bound-variables))
(byte-compile-push-constant t)
(byte-compile-variable-ref 'byte-varbind 'track-mouse)
(byte-compile-body-do-effect (cdr form))
(byte-compile-out 'byte-unbind 1)))
(list 'quote
(list 'lambda nil
(cons 'track-mouse
(byte-compile-top-level-body (cdr form))))))))
(defun byte-compile-condition-case (form)
(let* ((var (nth 1 form))
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