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2006-02-07 Richard M. Stallman <>
* commands.texi (Prefix Command Arguments): Minor cleanup.
* display.texi: "Graphical display", not window system.
* functions.texi (What Is a Function): Fix xref.
* keymaps.texi (Key Lookup): Clarify wrt commands vs other functions.
2006-02-07 Richard M. Stallman <>
* emacs.texi (Top): Update subnode menu.
Update info on old Emacs papers.
(Intro): "Graphical display", not window system.
* xresources.texi (GTK styles): Minor clarifications.
* trouble.texi: "Graphical display", not window system.
(Stuck Recursive): Minor clarification.
* text.texi: Minor clarifications.
(Sentences): Explain why two-space convention is better.
Explain sentence-end-without-period here.
(Fill Commands): Not here.
(Refill): Node moved down.
(Filling): Update menu.
(Table Creation, Cell Justification, Column Commands): Clarify.
* sending.texi: Minor clarifications.
* search.texi (Regexp Backslash): Clarification.
* rmail.texi: Minor cleanups.
(Rmail): Delete digression about `rmail-mode'.
(Rmail Inbox): Delete false advice wrt rmail-primary-inbox-list.
(Rmail Files): Mention C-u M-x rmail.
(Rmail Reply): Mention References.
(Rmail Display): Mention rmail-nonignored-headers.
* programs.texi: Minor cleanups.
(Comment Commands): Mention momentary Transient Mark mode.
(Matching): Be more specific about customizing show-paren-mode.
(Info Lookup): Don't list the modes that support C-h S.
Just say what it does in an unsupported mode.
(Man Page): Delete excessive info on customizing woman.
(Motion in C): Don't mention c-for/backward-into-nomenclature.
* abbrevs.texi: Minor clarifications.
(Dabbrev Customization): Talk about "dynamic abbrev expansion",
not "dynamic abbrevs" as if they were a kind of abbrev.
* picture.texi (Picture): Minor cleanup.
* mule.texi (Communication Coding): Say "other applications".
(Fontsets): Not specific to X. Add xref to X Resources.
(Unibyte Mode): Renamed from Single-Byte Character Support.
"Graphical display", not window system.
(International): Update menu.
* maintaining.texi (Format of ChangeLog):
New node, split out from ChangeLog.
(ChangeLog): Clarifications in the remaining text.
(Create Tags Table, Etags Regexps, Select Tags Table): Cleanups.
(Find Tag): Add @w.
(Tags Search): Explain tag table order here. Simplify grep ref.
(List Tags): tags-tag-face is a variable, not a face.
(Emerge): Cleanups.
* kmacro.texi (Keyboard Macro Counter): Rewrite for clarity.
(Keyboard Macros): Avoid "the user".
* killing.texi: "Graphical display", not window system.
* help.texi (Help Echo): "Graphical display", not window system.
* glossary.texi: Say "you", not "the user". Say "graphical display".
* frames.texi: Minor cleanups. "Graphical display", not window system.
* files.texi (Visiting): Make drag-and-drop not X-specific.
* custom.texi: Minor cleanups. "Graphical display", not window system.
* cmdargs.texi: Minor cleanups.
* building.texi (Compilation): Move and split kill-compilation para.
Add para about multiple compilers.
(Compilation Mode): Commands also available in grep mode and others.
Mention C-u C-x ` more tutorially. Clarify C-x `.
(Compilation Shell): Clarify. Put Bash example first.
(Grep Searching): Minor cleanups; add @w.
(Debuggers): Minor cleanups.
(Starting GUD): Make GDB xgraphical mode issue clearer.
(Debugger Operation): Lots of clarifications including
GDB tooltip side-effect issue.
(Commands of GUD): Clarify.
(GUD Customization): Add bashdb-mode-hook.
(GDB Graphical Interface): Rewrite for clarity.
(GDB User Interface Layout): Rewrite for clarity.
(Stack Buffer, Watch Expressions): Likewise.
(Other GDB User Interface Buffers): Cleanups.
(Lisp Libraries, External Lisp): Cleanup.
* basic.texi (Position Info): "Graphical displays", rather than
window systems.
* anti.texi: Minor cleanup.
2006-02-06 Romain Francoise <>
* faq.texi (VM): VM now at version 7.19.
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