Commit d78e9711 authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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(Tool Bars): Shorten text of previous change.

parent 20d1c5c5
2005-12-18 Bill Wohler <>
* frames.texi (Tool Bars): Shorten text of previous change.
2005-12-18 Aaron S. Hawley <>
* files.texi (VC Status): Document log-view mode.
......@@ -963,10 +963,7 @@ XPM icons if Emacs was built with XPM support. Otherwise, the tool
bar uses monochrome icons (PBM or XBM format).
You can turn display of tool bars on or off with @kbd{M-x
tool-bar-mode}. You can turn tool bars off permanently by putting the
line @code{(tool-bar-mode 0)} in your @file{.emacs} file, or by
setting and saving the variable @code{tool-bar-mode} through the
Customize interface.
tool-bar-mode} or by customizing the option @code{tool-bar-mode}.
@node Dialog Boxes
@section Using Dialog Boxes
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