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......@@ -760,10 +760,15 @@ as octal and numbers starting with `0x' or `0X' as hexadecimal. The
new user-option sort-numberic-base can be used to specify a default
numeric base.
** Ange-ftp allows you to specify of a port number in remote file
** Changes to Ange-ftp
*** Ange-ftp allows you to specify of a port number in remote file
names cleanly. It is appended to the host name, separated by a hash
sign, e.g. `/'. (This syntax comes from EFS.)
*** If the new user-option `ange-ftp-try-passive-mode' is set, passive
ftp mode will be used if the ftp client supports that.
** Shell script mode changes.
Shell script mode (sh-script) can now indent scripts for shells
......@@ -1053,6 +1058,16 @@ Note that +++ before an item means the Lisp manual has been updated.
When you add a new item, please add it without either +++ or ---
so I will know I still need to look at it -- rms.
** The new function `string-to-syntax' can be used to translate syntax
specificationa in string form as accepted my `modify-syntax-entry' to
the cons-cell form that is used for the values of the `syntax-table'
text property, and in `font-lock-syntactic-keywords'.
(string-to-syntax "()")
=> (4 . 41)
** Emacs' reader supports CL read syntax for integers in bases
other than 10.
2000-03-18 Gerd Moellmann <>
* font-lock.el (font-lock-apply-syntactic-highlight): if VALUE
is a string, convert it to a syntax cell using string-to-syntax.
* simple.el (syntax-code-table, syntax-flag-table): New variables.
(string-to-syntax): New function.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-try-passive-mode): New user-option.
(ange-ftp-get-process): If ange-ftp-try-passive-mode is set,
try to use poassive ftp mode.
2000-03-17 Gerd Moellmann <>
* progmodes/awk-mode.el (awk-font-lock-keywords): All `else'.
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