Commit d7bf0342 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(x_create_tip_frame): Don't set bitmapIcon resource.

parent 2891cf7a
......@@ -9582,11 +9582,6 @@ x_create_tip_frame (dpyinfo, parms)
x_make_gc (f);
/* We need to do this after creating the X window, so that the
icon-creation functions can say whose icon they're describing. */
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qicon_type, Qnil,
"bitmapIcon", "BitmapIcon", RES_TYPE_SYMBOL);
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qauto_raise, Qnil,
"autoRaise", "AutoRaiseLower", RES_TYPE_BOOLEAN);
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qauto_lower, Qnil,
......@@ -9710,9 +9705,8 @@ TIMEOUT nil means use the default timeout of 5 seconds.")
if (!row->enabled_p || !row->displays_text_p)
/* Let the row go over the full width of the frame, not
including internal borders. */
row->full_width_p = row->internal_border_p = 1;
/* Let the row go over the full width of the frame. */
row->full_width_p = 1;
/* There's a glyph at the end of rows that is use to place
the cursor there. Don't include the width of this glyph. */
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