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@cindex program editing
This chapter describes Emacs features for maintaining programs. The
version control features,described in the chapter on files
(@pxref{Version Control}), are also useful particularly for this
version control features (@pxref{Version Control}) are also
particularly useful for this purpose.
* Change Log:: Maintaining a change history for your program.
......@@ -138,7 +137,7 @@ contributions. Emacs has a special command for maintaining the
The @kbd{M-x authors} command prompts for the name of the root of the
Emacs source directory. It then scans @file{ChangeLog} files and Lisp
source files under that directory for information about authors of
individual packages and people who made changes in source files, and
individual packages, and people who made changes in source files, and
puts the information it gleans into a buffer named @samp{*Authors*}.
You can then edit the contents of that buffer and merge it with the
existing @file{AUTHORS} file.
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