Commit d7ed971d authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader

Add buffer-face-mode

parent d03d411d
2008-06-17 Miles Bader <>
* face-remap.el (buffer-face-mode-face)
(buffer-face-mode-remapping): New variables.
(buffer-face-mode, buffer-face-set, buffer-face-toggle)
(buffer-face-mode-invoke): New functions.
(variable-pitch-mode-remapping): Variable removed.
(variable-pitch-mode): Rewrite as an interface to `buffer-face-mode'.
* face-remap.el (internal-lisp-face-attributes): New variable.
(face-attrs-more-relative-p, face-remap-order): New functions.
(face-remap-add-relative): Use `face-remap-order'.
......@@ -297,27 +297,88 @@ a top-level keymap, `text-scale-increase' or
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------
;; variable-pitch-mode
;; buffer-face-mode
;; suggested key binding: (global-set-key "\C-cv" 'variable-pitch-mode)
(defcustom buffer-face-mode-face 'variable-pitch
"The face specification used by `buffer-face-mode'.
It may contain any value suitable for a `face' text property,
including a face name, a list of face names, a face-attribute
plist, etc."
:group 'display)
;; current remapping cookie for variable-pitch-mode
(defvar variable-pitch-mode-remapping nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'variable-pitch-mode-remapping)
;; current remapping cookie for buffer-face-mode
(defvar buffer-face-mode-remapping nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'buffer-face-mode-remapping)
(define-minor-mode variable-pitch-mode
"Variable-pitch default-face mode.
When active, causes the buffer text to be displayed using
the `variable-pitch' face."
:lighter " VarPitch"
(when variable-pitch-mode-remapping
(face-remap-remove-relative variable-pitch-mode-remapping))
(setq variable-pitch-mode-remapping
(and variable-pitch-mode
(face-remap-add-relative 'default 'variable-pitch)))
(define-minor-mode buffer-face-mode
"Minor mode for a buffer-specific default face.
When enabled, the face specified by the variable
`buffer-face-mode-face' is used to display the buffer text."
:lighter " BufFace"
(when buffer-face-mode-remapping
(face-remap-remove-relative buffer-face-mode-remapping))
(setq buffer-face-mode-remapping
(and buffer-face-mode
(face-remap-add-relative 'default buffer-face-mode-face)))
(force-window-update (current-buffer)))
(defun buffer-face-set (face)
"Enable `buffer-face-mode', using the face FACE.
If FACE is nil, then `buffer-face-mode' is disabled. This
function will make the variable `buffer-face-mode-face' buffer
local, and set it to FACE."
(interactive (list (read-face-name "Set buffer face")))
(if (null face)
(buffer-face-mode 0)
(set (make-local-variable 'buffer-face-mode-face) face)
(buffer-face-mode t)))
(defun buffer-face-toggle (face)
"Toggle `buffer-face-mode', using the face FACE.
If `buffer-face-mode' is already enabled, and is currently using
the face FACE, then it is disabled; if buffer-face-mode is
disabled, or is enabled and currently displaying some other face,
then is left enabled, but the face changed to FACE. This
function will make the variable `buffer-face-mode-face' buffer
local, and set it to FACE."
(interactive (list buffer-face-mode-face))
(if (or (null face)
(and buffer-face-mode (equal buffer-face-mode-face face)))
(buffer-face-mode 0)
(set (make-local-variable 'buffer-face-mode-face) face)
(buffer-face-mode t)))
(defun buffer-face-mode-invoke (face arg &optional interactive)
"Enable or disable `buffer-face-mode' using the face FACE, and argument ARG.
ARG is interpreted in the usual manner for minor-mode commands.
Besides the choice of face, this is the same as the `buffer-face-mode' command.
If INTERACTIVE is non-nil, a message will be displayed describing the result."
(let ((last-message (current-message)))
(if (or (eq arg 'toggle) (not arg))
(buffer-face-toggle face)
(buffer-face-set (and (> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0) face)))
(when interactive
(unless (and (current-message)
(not (equal last-message (current-message))))
(message "Buffer-Face mode %sabled"
(if buffer-face-mode "en" "dis"))))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------
;; variable-pitch-mode
(defun variable-pitch-mode (&optional arg)
"Variable-pitch default-face mode.
An interface to `buffer-face-mode' which uses the `variable-pitch' face.
Besides the choice of face, it is the same as `buffer-face-mode'."
(interactive (list (or current-prefix-arg 'toggle)))
(buffer-face-mode-invoke 'variable-pitch arg (interactive-p)))
(provide 'face-remap)
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