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Mention Ubuntu make weirdness.

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......@@ -2637,6 +2637,18 @@ does not work with this version of ncurses.
The fix is to install a newer version of ncurses, such as version 4.2.
** Bootstrapping
Bootstrapping (compiling the .el files) is normally only necessary
with CVS builds, since they the .elc files are pre-compiled in releases.
*** "No rule to make target" with Ubuntu 8.04 make 3.81-3build1
Compiling the lisp files fails at random places, complaining:
"No rule to make target `/path/to/some/lisp.elc'".
The causes of this problem are not understood. Using GNU make 3.81 compiled
from source, rather than the Ubuntu version, worked. See Bug#327,821.
** Dumping
*** Linux: Segfault during `make bootstrap' under certain recent versions of the Linux kernel.
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