Commit d7fcbbfe authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Omit -Wstrict-overflow as it does not play well with --enable-checking.

parent 952580c5
2012-11-19 Paul Eggert <>
2012-11-20 Paul Eggert <>
Improve static checking of integer overflow and stack smashing.
* (WARN_CFLAGS): Add -Wstack-protector and
-Wstrict-overflow if using GCC 4.7.2 or later on a platform with
* (WARN_CFLAGS): Add -Wstack-protector
if using GCC 4.7.2 or later on a platform with
at least 64-bit long int. This improves static checking on these
platforms, when configured with --enable-gcc-warnings.
......@@ -710,6 +710,8 @@ else
nw="$nw -Wfloat-equal" # warns about high-quality code
nw="$nw -Winline" # OK to ignore 'inline'
nw="$nw -Wjump-misses-init" # We sometimes safely jump over init.
nw="$nw -Wstrict-overflow" # OK to optimize assuming that
# signed overflow has undefined behavior
nw="$nw -Wsync-nand" # irrelevant here, and provokes ObjC warning
nw="$nw -Wunsafe-loop-optimizations" # OK to suppress unsafe optimizations
......@@ -720,7 +722,7 @@ else
# The following line should be removable at some point.
nw="$nw -Wsuggest-attribute=pure"
AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to use -Wstack-protector -Wstrict-overflow])
AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to use -Wstack-protector])
[[#if (1 <= __LONG_MAX__ >> 31 >> 31 \
......@@ -732,8 +734,7 @@ else
nw="$nw -Wstack-protector"
nw="$nw -Wstrict-overflow"])
nw="$nw -Wstack-protector"])
gl_MANYWARN_COMPLEMENT([ws], [$ws], [$nw])
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