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2002-11-15 Dave Love <>
* Tidy up various quoting issues throughout.
(AH_BOTTOM): Fix #endif protecting config.h. Maybe include
Maybe define bcopy, bzero, bcmp.
(powerpcle-*-solaris2.5*, powerpcle-*-solaris2*): Removed (use
non-existent machine file).
(sys/vlimit.h, sys/resource.h, fsync, __restrict): Test for.
(term.h, X11/Xaw3d/Scrollbar.h): Avoid warning from test.
2002-11-18 Markus Rost <>
* (*-sunos5*, *-solaris*): New configuration.
2002-11-18 Dave Love <>
* m/orion105.h (HAVE_ALLOCA): Don't define.
* m/m68k.h, m/arm.h, mtekxd88.h, m/tower32v3.h: Don't define
* m/intel386.h: Don't include alloca.h or define alloca.
* m/ia64.h: Don't include alloca.h, stdlib.h. Don't declare
malloc, realloc, calloc.
* m/hp800.h, m/sr2k.h, m/ns16000.h, m/wicat.h (bcopy, bzero)
(bcmp): Don't define.
* m/delta.h (bcopy, bzero, bcmp, alloca): Don't define.
* m/amdahl.h: Don't define LIB_STANDARD.
* m/alpha.h: Move OSF1 stuff from here to s/osf1.h.
* s/osf1.h: Move OSF1 stuff from m/alpha.h to here.
* s/irix4-0.h, s/irix5-0.h, m/powerpcle.h, m/sparc.h: Don't
include alloca.h.
* s/aix3-2.h (HAVE_FSYNC): Don't define.
* regex.c (_GNU_SOURCE): Don't define.
* process.c (_GNU_SOURCE): Don't define.
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