Commit d82979ea authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Add autoloads of crypt++ and mailcrypt routines, all for encryption

allout customization subgroup now positioned in `outlines' group
instead of prior `editing' group.
(allout-encrypt-string, allout-encryption-produce-work-buffer)
(allout-encrypted-topic-p, allout-encrypted-text-type)
(allout-mc-activate-passwd, allout-create-encryption-key-verifier)
(allout-get-encryption-key-verifier, allout-verify-key)
(allout-encrypt-decrypted, allout-encrypted-type-prefix): New
(outline-topic-encryption-bullet, outline-default-encryption-scheme)
(outline-key-verifier-handling, outline-key-hint-handling)
(outline-encrypt-unencrypted-on-saves): New defcustoms.
(allout-file-key-verifier-string, allout-encryption-scheme)
(allout-key-verifier-string, allout-key-hint-string)
(allout-after-save-decrypt): New variables.
(allout-write-file-hook-handler, allout-auto-save-hook-handler)
(allout-after-saves-handler): New hook functions.
(allout-post-command-business): Do allout-after-save-decrypt.
(allout-enable-file-variable-adjustment): Custom var to enable
mechanism for adding and adjusting settings of Emacs file variables.
(allout-adjust-file-variable, allout-file-vars-section-data): New
functions, implement the mechanism.
(outlineify-sticky): Use the file vars mechanism.
(allout-inhibit-protection, allout-during-write-cue)
(allout-override-protect, allout-before-change-protect): Removed.
(allout-flag-region, allout-open-topic): Revised to adjust
read-only text.
(allout-open-line-not-read-only): Added to facilitate read-only
text based protection.
(allout-kill-line): Revised to adjust read-only text, clue the
user about the inhibition.
(allout-unprotected): Robustified with an unwind-protect.
(allout-shift-in, allout-shift-out): Disallow manually shifting a
topic deeper than the offspring depth of the previous topic -
avoiding confusing "containment discontinuities".
(allout-reindent-bodies): Fixed retention of body relative hanging
indent during promotion of collapsed bodies.
(allout-open-topic): Made it easy to open new topic with same
bullet as current topic - topic creation functions provided with
any universal argument provokes now prompt for bullet, defaulting
to the bullet of the previous topic.
(allout-plain-bullets-string, allout-distinctive-bullets-string):
Plain bullet alternates '.' period and ',' comma only.  All other
bullets are relegated to special status (but customizable).
(allout-end-of-entry): Renamed from 'allout-end-of-current-entry
since it actually operates w.r.t. most immediately containing
entry, visible or not.
(allout-hide-current-entry, allout-show-current-entry): Use the
revised version.
(allout-old-expose-topic): Solidify deprecation.
(allout-end-of-subtree): Added, so we can span concealed as well
as visible topics.
(allout-end-of-current-subtree): Use `allout-end-of-subtree'.
(allout-end-of-current-heading): Tweaked to just respect the first
(allout-get-body-text): Added.
(allout-ascend-to-depth, allout-ascend): Position at end of prefix
when invoked interactively.
(allout-up-current-level): Use `interactive-p'.
(allout-mode, allout-init): Miscellaneous docstring and
operational refinements, as well as hookups of new encryption stuff.
(allout-beginning-of-current-entry): Now works as advertised.
(allout-end-of-current-entry): Relieved of superfluous
(allout-isearch-rectification): Refine condition for isearching
(allout-isearch-abort, allout-enwrap-isearch).
(allout-flag-region, my-region-active-p): Relocated some macros.
(allout-title): Fallback title is '(buffer-name)', not
non-existing '(current-buffer-name)'.
(subst-char-in-string): Define if absent (for some XEmacs versions).
Corrected commentary 'keywords' to legitimate ones.
Updated comentary author info (using my current email address,
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