Commit d8504583 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(encode-mac-roman): Fix last change.

parent 200c93e2
2002-12-13 Kenichi Handa <>
* language/european.el (encode-mac-roman): Fix last change.
* language/cyrillic.el (ccl-encode-koi8, ccl-encode-koi8-u)
(ccl-encode-alternativnyj): Fix last change.
2002-12-13 Nick Roberts <>
* gdb-ui.el: Improve documentation strings.
......@@ -578,9 +578,10 @@ but it selects the Dutch tutorial and input method."))
(read-multibyte-character r0 r1)
(translate-character ucs-mule-to-mule-unicode r0 r1)
(translate-character mac-roman-encoder r0 r1)
(if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'eight-bit-graphic))
(if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'eight-bit-control))
(r1 = ??)))
(if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'ascii))
(if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'eight-bit-graphic))
(if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'eight-bit-control))
(r1 = ??))))
(write-repeat r1))))
"CCL program to encode Mac Roman")
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