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* etc/NEWS: Small edits

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......@@ -15,9 +15,10 @@ You can narrow news to a specific version by calling `view-emacs-news'
with a prefix argument or by typing C-u C-h C-n.
Temporary note:
+++ indicates that all necessary updates to the manuals in doc/ are complete.
+++ indicates that all necessary documentation updates are complete.
(This means all relevant manuals in doc/ AND lisp doc-strings.)
--- means no change in the manuals is needed.
When you add a new item, use the appropriate mark if you know it applies,
When you add a new item, use the appropriate mark if you are sure it applies,
otherwise leave it unmarked.
......@@ -213,11 +214,12 @@ of the buffer is visible).
*** `eval-defun' on an already defined defcustom calls the :set function,
if there is one.
*** A zero prefix arg of `eval-last-sexp' (`C-x C-e'),
`eval-expression' (`M-:') and `eval-print-last-sexp' (`C-j') inserts
a list with no limit on its length and level (by using nil values of
`print-length' and `print-level'), and inserts additional formats for
integers (octal, hexadecimal, and character).
*** The commands `eval-expression' (`M-:'), `eval-last-sexp' (`C-x C-e'),
and `eval-print-last-sexp' (`C-j') can take a zero prefix argument.
This disables truncation of lists in the output, equivalent to
setting `(eval-expression-)print-length' and `(eval-expression-)print-limit'
to nil. Additionally, it causes integers to be printed in multiple
formats (octal, hexadecimal, and character).
** `write-region-inhibit-fsync' now defaults to t in batch mode.
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