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2002-03-10 Jan D. <>
* Added test for X Session Management (HAVE_X_SM).
2002-03-03 Richard M. Stallman <>
* (install-arch-indep): Use umask 022 for DOC* and lisp/.
2002-03-10 Jan D. <>
* startup.el (command-line): Add call to emacs-session-restore if
both x-session-id and x-session-previous-id are strings
* term/x-win.el (x-handle-smid): New function.
(emacs-session-filename): New function.
(emacs-session-save): New function.
(emacs-save-session-functions): New variable.
(emacs-session-restore): New function.
2002-03-09 Eli Zaretskii <>
* simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Call push-mark with
2002-03-10 Jan D. <>
* os.texi (Session Management): New node about X Session management.
2002-01-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
* elisp.texi (VERSION): Set to 2.9. Update the version of Emacs
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