Commit d8868253 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(easy-menu-define-key): Fixed bug with BEFORE

argument.  Now it works also if you repeat an identical call to
parent 6b136ab9
......@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ shadow\\(Double\\)?Etched\\(In\\|Out\\)\\(Dash\\)?\\)\\)$"
;; put binding before BEFORE in MENU, otherwise if binding is already
;; present in MENU, just change it, otherwise put it last in MENU.
(let ((inserted (null item)) ; Fake already inserted.
tail done)
(while (not done)
((or (setq done (or (null (cdr menu)) (keymapp (cdr menu))))
......@@ -286,20 +286,20 @@ shadow\\(Double\\)?Etched\\(In\\|Out\\)\\(Dash\\)?\\)\\)$"
(unless inserted ; Don't insert more than once.
(setcdr menu (cons (cons key item) (cdr menu)))
(setq inserted t)
(setq menu (cdr menu))))
(setq menu (cdr menu)))
(setq menu (cdr menu)))
((and key (equal (car-safe (cadr menu)) key))
(if (and (or inserted ; Already inserted or
before) ; wanted elsewhere and
(or (not (setq done ; not the last in this keymap.
(or (null (cddr menu))
(keymapp (cddr menu)))))
;; The contorted logic above, guarantees `done' has been computed.
(if (or inserted ; Already inserted or
(and before ; wanted elsewhere and
(setq tail (cddr menu)) ; not last item and not
(not (keymapp tail))
(not (equal (car-safe (car tail)) before)))) ; in position
(setcdr menu (cddr menu)) ; Remove item.
(setcdr (cadr menu) item) ; Change item.
(setq inserted t))))
(setq menu (cdr menu)))))
(setq inserted t)
(setq menu (cdr menu))))
(t (setq menu (cdr menu)))))))
(defun easy-menu-always-true (x)
;; Return true if X never evaluates to nil.
(if (consp x) (and (eq (car x) 'quote) (cadr x))
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