Commit d88757d6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(calculator-last-input): Guard uses of event-key and key-press-event-p.

(event-key, key-press-event-p): Delete definitions.
parent b63ecadb
......@@ -1277,12 +1277,6 @@ arguments."
(if Dbound (fset 'D Dsave) (fmakunbound 'D)))))
(error 0)))
(eval-when-compile ; silence the compiler
(or (fboundp 'event-key)
(defun event-key (&rest _) nil))
(or (fboundp 'key-press-event-p)
(defun key-press-event-p (&rest _) nil)))
;;; Input interaction
......@@ -1301,8 +1295,9 @@ Optional string argument KEYS will force using it as the keys entered."
(setq k (aref inp i))
;; if Emacs will someday have a event-key, then this would
;; probably be modified anyway
(and (fboundp 'event-key) (key-press-event-p k)
(event-key k) (setq k (event-key k)))
(and (if (fboundp 'key-press-event-p) (key-press-event-p k))
(if (fboundp 'event-key)
(and (event-key k) (setq k (event-key k)))))
;; assume all symbols are translatable with an ascii-character
(and (symbolp k)
(setq k (or (get k 'ascii-character) ? )))
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