Commit d89518db authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Add Bug#1995-05-30T23:07:27Z! to latest ChangeLog entry.

(I found this bug report after installing the change.)
parent 6f3ddb4e
2012-07-26 Paul Eggert <>
Simplify export of symbols to GDB; fix related .gdbinit bugs.
Simplify export of symbols to GDB (Bug#12036).
* .gdbinit (xgetptr, xgetint, xgettype): Don't use "set $bugfix =
$bugfix.i", as this doesn't work (with GDB 7.4.1, anyway).
(xgetptr, xgetint, xgettype, xcoding, xcharset, xprintbytestr):
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