Commit d8aa822b authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(bg-window-from-x-y): Use some-window instead

of cycling through windows with next-window.
parent a74b0a72
......@@ -250,27 +250,10 @@ X and Y are 0-based character positions in the window."
;;; Returns the window that screen position (x, y) is in or nil if none,
;;; meaning we are in the echo area with a non-active minibuffer.
;;; If coordinates-in-window-p were not in an X-windows-specific file
;;; we could use that. In Emacs 19 can even use locate-window-from-coordinates
(defun bg-window-from-x-y (x y)
"Find window corresponding to screen coordinates.
X and Y are 0-based character positions on the screen."
(let ((edges (window-edges))
(window nil))
(while (and (not (eq window (selected-window)))
(or (< y (nth 1 edges))
(>= y (nth 3 edges))
(< x (nth 0 edges))
(>= x (nth 2 edges))))
(setq window (next-window window))
(setq edges (window-edges window)))
(cond ((eq window (selected-window))
nil) ;we've looped: not found
((not window)
(selected-window)) ;just starting: current window
(some-window (lambda (w) (coordinates-in-window-p (cons x y) w))))
(defun bg-command-execute (bg-command)
(if (commandp bg-command)
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