Commit d8d0fa6c authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Remove debug-ignored-errors set in other files.

parent dd2cedb9
2000-05-22 Dave Love <>
* bindings.el: Remove debug-ignored-errors set in other files.
* progmodes/etags.el: Add to debug-ignored-errors.
(visit-tags-table-buffer): Clear out buffers holding old tables
when making a new list.
(etags-recognize-tags-table, tags-recognize-empty-tags-table): Use
* completion.el: Doc fixes. Add to debug-ignored-errors. Don't
quote keywords.
(cmpl-string-case-type): Use character classes.
* comint.el:
* textmodes/ispell.el:
* imenu.el:
* mail/mh-e.el:
* progmodes/compile.el: Add to debug-ignored-errors.
* dabbrev.el: Add to debug-ignored-errors.
(dabbrev-completion): Use mapc.
2000-05-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
* woman.el (From Francis J. Wright <
......@@ -364,63 +364,6 @@ buffer, mouse-2: prev, M-mouse-2: next, mouse-3: buffer menu")
"^Save not confirmed$"
"^Recover-file cancelled\\.$"
"^Cannot switch buffers in a dedicated window$"
;; comint
"^Not at command line$"
"^Empty input ring$"
"^No history$"
"^Not found$";; To common?
"^Current buffer has no process$"
;; dabbrev
"^No dynamic expansion for .* found$"
"^No further dynamic expansion for .* found$"
"^No possible abbreviation preceding point$"
;; Completion
"^To complete, the point must be after a symbol at least [0-9]* character long\\.$"
"^The string \".*\" is too short to be saved as a completion\\.$"
;; Compile
"^No more errors\\( yet\\|\\)$"
;; Gnus
"^NNTP: Connection closed\\.$"
;; info
"^Node has no Previous$"
"^No menu in this node$"
"^Node has no Next$"
"^No \".*\" in index$"
;; imenu
"^No items suitable for an index found in this buffer\\.$"
"^This buffer cannot use `imenu-default-create-index-function'$"
"^The mode `.*' does not support Imenu$"
;; ispell
"^No word found to check!$"
;; mh-e
"^Cursor not pointing to message$"
"^There is no other window$"
;; man
"^No manpage [0-9]* found$"
"^Can't find the .* manpage$"
;; etags
"^No tags table in use; use .* to select one$"
"^There is no default tag$"
"^No previous tag locations$"
"^File .* is not a valid tags table$"
"^No \\(more \\|\\)tags \\(matching\\|containing\\) "
"^Rerun etags: `.*' not found in "
"^All files processed$"
"^No .* or .* in progress$"
"^File .* not in current tags tables$"
"^No tags table loaded"
"^Nothing to complete$"
;; ediff
"^Errors in diff output. Diff output is in "
......@@ -468,14 +411,7 @@ buffer, mouse-2: prev, M-mouse-2: next, mouse-3: buffer menu")
"^Merge of directory revisions aborted$"
"^Buffer .* doesn't exist$"
"^There is no file to merge$"
"^Version control package .*.el not found. Use vc.el instead$"
;; cus-edit
"^No user options have changed defaults in recent Emacs versions$"
"^no previous record$"
"^no next record$"))
"^Version control package .*.el not found. Use vc.el instead$"))
(make-variable-buffer-local 'indent-tabs-mode)
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