Commit d8ec2bc8 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(outline-end-of-subtree): Stop before final newline.

parent ba275b2d
......@@ -417,13 +417,13 @@ while if FLAG is `\\^M' (control-M) the text is hidden."
(or first (> (funcall outline-level) level)))
(setq first nil)
(if (eobp)
;; go to end of line before heading
(forward-char -1)
;; skip preceding blank line, if there is one
(if (memq (preceding-char) '(?\n ?\^M))
(forward-char -1)))))
(if (memq (preceding-char) '(?\n ?\^M))
;; got to end of line before heading
(forward-char -1)
(if (memq (preceding-char) '(?\n ?\^M))
;; leave blank line before heading
(forward-char -1))))))
(defun show-branches ()
"Show all subheadings of this heading, but not their bodies."
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