Commit d900b2af authored by Adrian Robert's avatar Adrian Robert
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* nsterm.m (EmacsView-readSelectionFromPasteboard:)...

* nsterm.m (EmacsView-readSelectionFromPasteboard:) (writeSelectionToPasteboard:types:): New stubbed-out methods for NSServicesRequests protocol. (Bug#1435)
parent 3436b70c
2009-01-23 Adrian Robert <>
* emacs.c (main): Do fork+exec under --daemon in Cocoa.
(ns_no_defaults): New declaration.
(main): Use it.
* nsterm.h (ns_no_defaults): New declaration.
* nsfns.m (x_get_string_resource): Don't read when ns_no_defaults.
* nsterm.m (ns_no_defaults): New variable.
(ns_initialize): Don't read defaults when ns_no_defaults.
(writeSelectionToPasteboard:types:): New stubbed-out methods for
NSServicesRequests protocol. (Bug#1435)
2009-01-23 Giorgos Keramidas <> (tiny change)
......@@ -5575,6 +5575,29 @@ -(BOOL)performDragOperation: (id <NSDraggingInfo>) sender
/* The next two methods are part of NSServicesRequests informal protocol,
supposedly called when a services menu item is chosen from this app.
But this should not happen because we override the services menu with our
own entries which call ns-perform-service.
Nonetheless, it appeared to happen here (under strange circumstances):
So let's at least stub them out until further investigation can be done. */
- (BOOL) readSelectionFromPasteboard: (NSPasteboard *)pb
/* we could call ns_string_from_pasteboard(pboard) here but then it should
be written into the buffer in place of the existing selection..
ordinary service calls go through functions defined in ns-win.el */
return NO;
- (BOOL) writeSelectionToPasteboard: (NSPasteboard *)pb types: (NSArray *)types
/* supposed to write for as many of types as we are able */
return NO;
/* setMini =YES means set from internal (gives a finder icon), NO means set nil
(gives a miniaturized version of the window); currently we use the latter for
frames whose active buffer doesn't correspond to any file
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