Commit d9316f5c authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts

*** empty log message ***

parent 4f07f2e8
2006-04-10 Nick Roberts <>
* progmodes/gdb-ui.el (gdb-init-1): Re-initialise gdb-main-file to nil.
(gdb-get-version): Make it work for pre "interpreter mi" (GDB 5.3?).
(gdb-setup-windows): Put something in source window if we can't find
the source file.
(gdb-frame-handler): Make it work again with just assembly.
(gdb-data-list-register-values-handler): Make it work when there is
no stack.
2006-04-09 Richard Stallman <>
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-mime-charset-pattern): Ignore format and delsp
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