Commit d943b3c6 authored by Carsten Dominik's avatar Carsten Dominik
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* org.el (org-deadline-announce): Face removed.

        (org-level-faces, org-n-levels): Converted to constant.
        (org-compatible-face): New function.
        (org-hide, org-level-1, org-level-2, org-level-3, org-level-4)
        (org-level-5, org-level-6, org-level-7, org-level-8)
        (org-special-keyword, org-warning, org-headline-done,
        (org-date, org-tag, org-todo, org-done, org-table,
        (org-scheduled-today, org-scheduled-previously,
        Face definition revised for better color tty support.
        (org-bold-re, org-italic-re, org-underline-re): New constants.
        (org-set-font-lock-defaults): Use the new constants.
        (org-agenda-highlight-todo): New function.
        (org-agenda-todo): Fixed bug with point at end of line.
        (org-agenda-change-all-lines, org-finalize-agenda-entries):
        Fontify TODO keywords.
        (org-insert-link): Preserve relative path in ../ links.
        (org-export-as-html): Convert links pointing to .org files
        links that will work beteen the exported HTML files.
        (org-todo-list): Fix bug when arg=0.
        (org-insert-heading): More fine-tuning.
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