* text.texi (Special Properties): Clarify the format of `face'

Fixes: debbugs:1375
parent 538e85c6
2011-07-07 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <larsi@gnus.org>
* text.texi (Special Properties): Clarify the format of `face'
* commands.texi (Interactive Call): Add a `call-interactively'
example (bug#1010).
......@@ -2978,8 +2978,7 @@ character.
You can use the property @code{face} to control the font and color of
text. @xref{Faces}, for more information.
In the simplest case, the value is a face name. It can also be a list;
then each element can be any of these possibilities;
@code{face} can be the following:
@itemize @bullet
......@@ -2994,8 +2993,8 @@ time you want to specify a particular attribute for certain text.
@xref{Face Attributes}.
@end itemize
It works to use the latter two forms directly as the value
of the @code{face} property.
@code{face} can also be a list, where each element uses one of the
forms listed above.
Font Lock mode (@pxref{Font Lock Mode}) works in most buffers by
dynamically updating the @code{face} property of characters based on
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