Commit d96504df authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Info-restore-point): Don't wipe out hl before using it.

parent ad8fb8ae
......@@ -583,8 +583,8 @@ In standalone mode, \\<Info-mode-map>\\[Info-exit] exits Emacs itself."
(if (and (equal (nth 0 (car hl)) Info-current-file)
(equal (nth 1 (car hl)) Info-current-node))
(setq hl nil) ;terminate the while at next iter
(goto-char (nth 2 (car hl))))
(goto-char (nth 2 (car hl)))
(setq hl nil)) ;terminate the while at next iter
(setq hl (cdr hl)))))
(defvar Info-last-search nil
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