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75b589c7 Fix markup related to quoting in Info
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cd2204f0 Add a package: line to c-submit-bug-report.
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ea672707 ; Add NEWS sections for 26.3
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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ Set point and the mark around the text you drag across.
@item mouse-3
Set the mark at point, then move point to where you click
@item @samp{Shifted cursor motion keys}
@item @r{Shifted cursor motion keys}
Set the mark at point if the mark is inactive, then move point.
@xref{Shift Selection}.
@end table
......@@ -14661,7 +14661,7 @@ conventions of Yacas, a free computer algebra system. While the
operators and functions in Yacas are similar to those of Calc, the names
of built-in functions in Yacas are capitalized. The Calc formula
@samp{sin(2 x)}, for example, is entered and displayed @samp{Sin(2 x)}
in Yacas mode, and `@samp{arcsin(x^2)} is @samp{ArcSin(x^2)} in Yacas
in Yacas mode, and @samp{arcsin(x^2)} is @samp{ArcSin(x^2)} in Yacas
mode. Complex numbers are written are written @samp{3 + 4 I}.
The standard special constants are written @code{Pi}, @code{E},
@code{I}, @code{GoldenRatio} and @code{Gamma}. @code{Infinity}
......@@ -6287,24 +6287,24 @@ Emacs navigational keys (like the arrow keys, or @kbd{C-n}) to move
the cursor over the desired folder and then use the shortcuts for the
menu items listed in the table below.
@table @samp
@table @asis
@findex mh-speed-view
@item Visit Folder (@key{RET})
@item @samp{Visit Folder} (@key{RET})
Visits the selected folder just as if you had used @kbd{F v}
@c -------------------------
@findex mh-speed-expand-folder
@item Expand Nested Folders (@kbd{+})
@item @samp{Expand Nested Folders} (@kbd{+})
Expands the selected folder in the speedbar, exposing the children
folders inside it (@code{mh-speed-expand-folder}).
@c -------------------------
@findex mh-speed-contract-folder
@item Contract Nested Folders (@kbd{-})
@item @samp{Contract Nested Folders} (@kbd{-})
Contracts or collapses the selected folder in the speedbar, hiding the
children folders inside it (@code{mh-speed-contract-folder}).
@c -------------------------
@findex mh-speed-refresh
@item Refresh Speedbar (@kbd{r})
@item @samp{Refresh Speedbar} (@kbd{r})
Regenerates the list of folders in the speedbar. Run this command if
you've added or deleted a folder, or want to update the unseen message
count before the next automatic update (@code{mh-speed-refresh}).
......@@ -249,10 +249,10 @@ And that's what I think too.
@end menu
Note that multiple inclusions of the original messages result in a
nesting of the @samp{@code{>}} characters. This can sometimes be quite
nesting of the @samp{>} characters. This can sometimes be quite
confusing when many levels of citations are included since it may be
difficult or impossible to figure out who actually participated in the
thread, and multiple nesting of @samp{@code{>}} characters can sometimes
thread, and multiple nesting of @samp{>} characters can sometimes
make the message very difficult for the eye to scan.
@cindex non-nested citations
......@@ -4268,8 +4268,9 @@ With a zero prefix arg, put the name inside a function call to `info'."
;; We deliberately fontify only ‘..’ quoting, and not `..', because
;; the former can be done much more reliably, i.e. without risking
;; false positives.
;; FIXME: It doesn't handle nested quotes.
(defvar Info-mode-font-lock-keywords
'(("‘\\([^’]*\\)’" (1 'Info-quoted))))
'(("‘\\([‘’]\\|[^‘’]*\\)’" (1 'Info-quoted))))
;; Autoload cookie needed by desktop.el
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