Commit d973cf9c authored by David Ponce's avatar David Ponce
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(recentf-arrange-by-rule): Handle a special `auto-mode-alist'-like

"strip suffix" rule.
(recentf-build-mode-rules): Handle second level auto-mode entries.
parent f81b92f2
......@@ -813,39 +813,49 @@ See `recentf-arrange-rules' for details on MATCHER."
Arrange them in sub-menus following rules in `recentf-arrange-rules'."
(if (not recentf-arrange-rules)
(let ((menus (mapcar #'(lambda (r) (list (car r)))
menu others min file rules elts count)
(let* ((strip (assq t recentf-arrange-rules))
(rules (remq strip recentf-arrange-rules))
(menus (mapcar #'(lambda (r) (list (car r))) rules))
others l1 l2 menu file min count)
;; Put menu items into sub-menus as defined by rules.
(dolist (elt l)
(setq file (recentf-menu-element-value elt)
rules recentf-arrange-rules
elts menus
menu nil)
(while (and (not menu) rules)
(when (recentf-match-rule-p (cdar rules) file)
(setq menu (car elts))
(setq l1 menus ;; List of sub-menus
l2 rules ;; List of corresponding matchers.
file (recentf-menu-element-value elt)
menu nil)
;; Apply the strip suffix rule.
(while (recentf-match-rule-p (cdr strip) file)
(setq file (substring file 0 (match-beginning 0))))
;; Search which sub-menu to put the menu item into.
(while (and (not menu) l2)
(when (recentf-match-rule-p (cdar l2) file)
(setq menu (car l1))
menu (cons elt (recentf-menu-element-value menu))))
(setq rules (cdr rules)
elts (cdr elts)))
(unless menu
(push elt others)))
(setq l nil
min (if (natnump recentf-arrange-by-rules-min-items)
recentf-arrange-by-rules-min-items 0))
(setq l1 (cdr l1)
l2 (cdr l2)))
;; Put unmatched menu items in the `others' bin.
(or menu (push elt others)))
;; Finalize the sub-menus. That is, for each one:
;; - truncate it depending on the value of
;; `recentf-arrange-by-rules-min-items',
;; - replace %d by the number of menu items,
;; - apply `recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter' to menu items.
(setq min (if (natnump recentf-arrange-by-rules-min-items)
recentf-arrange-by-rules-min-items 0)
l2 nil)
(dolist (menu menus)
(when (setq elts (recentf-menu-element-value menu))
(setq count (length elts))
(when (setq l1 (recentf-menu-element-value menu))
(setq count (length l1))
(if (< count min)
(setq others (nconc elts others))
(setq others (nconc l1 others))
menu (format (recentf-menu-element-item menu) count))
menu (recentf-apply-menu-filter
recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter (nreverse elts)))
(push menu l))))
recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter (nreverse l1)))
(push menu l2))))
;; Add the menu items remaining in the `others' bin.
(if (and (stringp recentf-arrange-by-rule-others) others)
......@@ -853,12 +863,11 @@ Arrange them in sub-menus following rules in `recentf-arrange-rules'."
(format recentf-arrange-by-rule-others (length others))
recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter (nreverse others)))
(nreverse l)
(nreverse l2)
recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter (nreverse others)))))
recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter (nreverse others)))))))
;;; Predefined rule based menu filters
......@@ -870,12 +879,20 @@ Rules obey `recentf-arrange-rules' format."
(dolist (mode auto-mode-alist)
(setq regexp (car mode)
mode (cdr mode))
(when (symbolp mode)
(setq rule-name (symbol-name mode))
(if (string-match "\\(.*\\)-mode$" rule-name)
(setq rule-name (match-string 1 rule-name)))
(setq rule-name (concat rule-name " (%d)")
rule (assoc rule-name rules))
(when mode
;; Build a special "strip suffix" rule from entries of the
;; form (REGEXP FUNCTION NON-NIL). Notice that FUNCTION is
;; ignored by the menu filter. So in some corner cases a
;; wrong mode could be guessed.
((and (consp mode) (cadr mode))
(setq rule-name t))
((and mode (symbolp mode))
(setq rule-name (symbol-name mode))
(if (string-match "\\(.*\\)-mode$" rule-name)
(setq rule-name (match-string 1 rule-name)))
(setq rule-name (concat rule-name " (%d)"))))
(setq rule (assoc rule-name rules))
(if rule
(setcdr rule (cons regexp (cdr rule)))
(push (list rule-name regexp) rules))))
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