Commit d9824c51 authored by Luke Lee's avatar Luke Lee

* lisp/progmodes/hideif.el: Style fixes. Fix doc-strings and comment style,

also add a change log entry for the latest hideif.el changes.
parent da313eca
2014-06-26 Luke Lee <>
* lisp/progmodes/hideif.el (hif-string-to-number): Fix return value bug.
(hif-simple-token-only, hif-tokenize): Commented in detail mainly for
performance enhancements.
(hif-parse-if-exp): Rename to `hif-parse-exp'. Enhanced for macro
(hif-factor, hif-string-concatenation, intern-safe): Support string
concatenation and argumented macro expansion.
(hif-if-valid-identifier-p, hif-define-operator, hif-flatten)
(hif-expand-token-list, hif-get-argument-list, hif-define-macro)
(hif-delimit, hif-macro-supply-arguments, hif-invoke, hif-canonicalize)
(hif-canonicalize-tokens, hif-place-macro-invocation)
(hif-parse-macro-arglist): Mostly new functions for supporting
argumented macro expansion.
(hif-string-concatenation, hif-stringify, hif-token-concat)
(hif-token-stringification, hif-token-concatenation): Stringification
and concatenation.
(hif-find-next-relevant): Fix comments.
(hif-ifdef-to-endif, hif-looking-at-elif, hif-hide-line): Bug fix for
some cases involving #elif.
(hif-find-define, hif-add-new-defines): New functions for automatically
scanning of defined symbols.
(hide-ifdef-guts): Fix for defined symbol auto scanning.
(hide-ifdef-undef): Fix behavior to match CPP.
2014-06-26 Glenn Morris <>
* (update-authors): Update for moved authors.el.
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