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* faq.texi: Note that ansi-color is now enabled by default.

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2010-03-03 Chong Yidong <>
* faq.texi (Escape sequences in shell output): Note that ansi-color is
now enabled by default.
2010-02-28 Michael Albinus <>
* dbus.texi (Errors and Events): D-Bus messages are retrieved only,
......@@ -2617,22 +2617,19 @@ Add the following line to your @file{.emacs} file:
@cindex Escape sequences in @code{ls} output
@cindex @code{ls} in Shell mode
This happens because @code{ls} is aliased to @samp{ls --color} in your
shell init file. You have two alternatives to solve this:
@itemize @bullet
Make the alias conditioned on the @code{EMACS} variable in the
environment. When Emacs runs a subsidiary shell, it exports the
@code{EMACS} variable to that shell, with value equal to the absolute
file name of Emacs. You can
unalias @code{ls} when that happens, thus limiting the alias to your
interactive sessions.
Install the @code{ansi-color} package (bundled with Emacs 21.1 and
later), which converts these ANSI escape sequences into colors.
@end itemize
In many systems, @code{ls} is aliased to @samp{ls --color}, which
prints using ANSI color escape sequences. Emacs version 21.1 and
later includes the @code{ansi-color} package, which lets Shell mode
recognize these escape sequences. In Emacs 23.2 and later, the
package is enabled by default; in earlier versions you can enable it
by typing @kbd{M-x ansi-color-for-comint-mode} in the Shell buffer, or
by adding @code{(add-hook 'shell-mode-hook
'ansi-color-for-comint-mode-on)} to your init file.
In Emacs versions before 21.1, the @code{ansi-color} package is not
included. In that case, you need to unalias @code{ls} for interactive
shells running in Emacs; this can be done by checking the @code{EMACS}
variable in the environment.
@node Fullscreen mode on MS-Windows
@section How can I start Emacs in fullscreen mode on MS-Windows?
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