Commit d9ba26ec authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Remove UCHAR typedef

* src/lisp.h (_UCHAR_T, UCHAR): Remove.  This workaround for
circa-1993 old-AIX has evidently not been needed for decades.
Tested on AIX 7.1, the oldest AIX version IBM still supports.
parent c5bbf67d
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......@@ -2683,13 +2683,6 @@ XFLOAT_DATA (Lisp_Object f)
&& FLT_MIN_EXP == -125 && FLT_MAX_EXP == 128)
/* A character, declared with the following typedef, is a member
of some character set associated with the current buffer. */
#ifndef _UCHAR_T /* Protect against something in ctab.h on AIX. */
#define _UCHAR_T
typedef unsigned char UCHAR;
/* Meanings of slots in a Lisp_Compiled: */
enum Lisp_Compiled
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