Commit d9bfd9dc authored by Markus Rost's avatar Markus Rost
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(define-widget number): Clarify doc and error message.

(define-widget float): New widget.
parent 087f110d
......@@ -3193,12 +3193,19 @@ To use this type, you must define :match or :match-alternatives."
:match-alternatives '(integerp))
(define-widget 'number 'restricted-sexp
"A floating point number."
"A number (floating point or integer)."
:tag "Number"
:value 0.0
:type-error "This field should contain a number"
:type-error "This field should contain a number (floating point or integer)"
:match-alternatives '(numberp))
(define-widget 'float 'restricted-sexp
"A floating point number."
:tag "Floating point number"
:value 0.0
:type-error "This field should contain a floating point number"
:match-alternatives '(floatp))
(define-widget 'character 'editable-field
"A character."
:tag "Character"
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