Commit d9d836b5 authored by Anders Lindgren's avatar Anders Lindgren Committed by Eli Zaretskii
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Add right-char and left-char to Follow Mode cached commands.

 lisp/follow.el (follow-cache-command-list): Include right-char and
parent 94ffb4b2
2014-01-10 Anders Lindgren <>
* follow.el (follow-cache-command-list): Include right-char and
2014-01-10 Paul Eggert <>
Spelling fixes.
......@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ are \" Fw\", or simply \"\"."
(set-default symbol value)))
(defvar follow-cache-command-list
'(next-line previous-line forward-char backward-char)
'(next-line previous-line forward-char backward-char right-char left-char)
"List of commands that don't require recalculation.
In order to be able to use the cache, a command should not change the
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