Commit d9e28c1c authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(enriched-translations): Add `display' and "x-display".

(enriched-handle-display-prop): New.
(enriched-decode-display-prop): New.
parent 34c804a9
......@@ -121,8 +121,10 @@ expression, which is evaluated to get the string to insert.")
(PARAMETER (t "param")) ; Argument of preceding annotation
;; The following are not part of the standard:
(FUNCTION (enriched-decode-foreground "x-color")
(enriched-decode-background "x-bg-color"))
(enriched-decode-background "x-bg-color")
(enriched-decode-display-prop "x-display"))
(read-only (t "x-read-only"))
(display (nil enriched-handle-display-prop))
(unknown (nil format-annotate-value))
; (font-size (2 "bigger") ; unimplemented
; (-2 "smaller"))
......@@ -452,4 +454,37 @@ Return value is \(begin end name positive-p), or nil if none was found."
(message "Warning: color `%s' can't be displayed" color)))
(list from to 'face face)))
;;; Handling the `display' property.
(defun enriched-handle-display-prop (old new)
"Return a list of annotations for a change in the `display' property.
OLD is the old value of the property, NEW is the new value. Value
is a list `(CLOSE OPEN)', where CLOSE is a list of annotations to
close and OPEN a list of annotations to open. Each of these lists
has the form `(ANNOTATION PARAM ...)'."
(let ((annotation "x-display")
(param (prin1-to-string (or old new)))
close open)
(if (null old)
(list nil (list annotation param))
(list (list annotation param)))))
(defun enriched-decode-display-prop (start end &optional param)
"Decode a `display' property for text between START and END.
PARAM is a `<param>' found for the property.
Value is a list `(START END SYMBOL VALUE)' with START and END denoting
the range of text to assign text property SYMBOL with value VALUE "
(let ((prop (when (stringp param)
(condition-case ()
(car (read-from-string param))
(error nil)))))
(unless prop
(message "Warning: invalid <x-display> parameter %s" param))
(list start end 'display prop)))
;;; enriched.el ends here
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